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Mattias Ulbrich

Dr. Mattias Ulbrich

Room: 229
Phone: +49 721 608-44338
Fax: +49 721 608-44021


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Am Fasanengarten 5
Building 50.34
76131 Karlsruhe


My research focuses on formal deductive software verification on the level of program code. I am particularly intersted in relational verification, i.e., cases where more than one program is considered for the verification:

  • Regression verification, equivalence checking
  • Algorithm Refinement
  • Verification of relational properties of algorithms
  • Information Flow Security (to a lesser extend)
  • Relational Properties of Software for Automated Production Systems

I am also interested in

  • Intermediate Verification Languages and Interaction
  • Dynamic Logic


JML Standard


  • VSTTE 2018, PC member
  • PAAR 2018, PC member
  • MODELS (Tutorials) 2018, PC member
  • VSTTE 2017, PC member
  • VerifyThis 2017, Co-organiser
  • HFC 2017, PC member
  • JML Workshop Bad Herrenalb, 2016, Co-organiser
  • Peer reviewing for journals: TOPLAS, at, FMSD


  • rêve - Automatically check two programs for equivalence
  • rêve for noninterference - Automatically prove noninterference of a C routine
  • SemSlice - Automatically semantic analysis for precise programs slicing
  • Tableau Applet - A Java Applet for a first tableau calculus (w/ some automation), mainly for teaching purposes
  • KeY - Integrated Deductive Software Design
  • ivil - Interactive Verification on Intermediate Language

Recent Publications

Title Author(s) Source
Trends in Relational Program VerificationBernhard Beckert
Mattias Ulbrich
Principled Software Development: Essays Dedicated to Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday
Towards a Notion of Coverage for Incomplete Program-Correctness ProofsBernhard Beckert
Mihai Herda
Stefan Kobischke
Mattias Ulbrich
8th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation (ISoLA 2018), Part II: A Broader View on Verification: From Static to Runtime and Back
Relational Equivalence Proofs Between Imperative and MapReduce AlgorithmsBernhard Beckert
Timo Bingmann
Moritz Kiefer
Peter Sanders
Mattias Ulbrich
Alexander Weigl
10th Working Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments (VSTTE 2018)
Program Equivalence (Dagstuhl Seminar 18151)Shuvendu K. Lahiri
Andrzej Murawski
Ofer Strichman
Mattias Ulbrich
Dagstuhl Reports 8(4)
Proving Equivalence Between Imperative and MapReduce Implementations Using Program TransformationsBernhard Beckert
Timo Bingmann
Moritz Kiefer
Peter Sanders
Mattias Ulbrich
Alexander Weigl
rm Proceedings Third Workshop on Models for Formal Analysis of Real Systems rm and Sixth International Workshop on Verification and Program Transformation, rm Thessaloniki, Greece, 20th April 2018
Experience Report: Formal Methods in Material ScienceBernhard Beckert
Britta Nestler
Moritz Kiefer
Michael Selzer
Mattias Ulbrich
CoRR abs/1802.02374
Title Author(s) Source
VerifyThis 2017: A Program Verification CompetitionMarieke Huisman
Rosemary Monahan
Wojciech Mostowski
Peter Müller
Mattias Ulbrich
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 2017,10
An Interaction Concept for Program Verification Systems with Explicit Proof ObjectBernhard Beckert
Sarah Grebing
Mattias Ulbrich
Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing - 13th Haifa Verification Conference (HVC 2017)

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Supervised Theses

Title Year Type
Runtime Monitoring of Event-driven Software Systems Specified Using Interface State Machines: Formal Semantics and Implementation 2018 M. Sc.
Comparing Deductive Program Verification of Graph Data-Structures 2018 B. Sc.
Automatic Relational Reasoning for Algebraic Data Types 2018 M. Sc.
Sampling-based Execution Coverage Estimation for Partially Proved Java Program Specifications 2018 M. Sc.
Evaluation der Proof-Script-Sprache für KeY 2018 B. Sc.
A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy with Block and Loop Contracts for Deductive Program Verification 2018 B. Sc.
Exploiting Runtime Data to Derive Formal Environment Models for the Verification of PLC Software 2017 B. Sc.
Relational Equivalence Proofs Between Imperative and MapReduce Algorithms 2017 PdF
Relational Verification of Floating-point Programs 2017 PdF
Exploiting Runtime Data to Derive Formal Environment Models for the Verification of PLC Software 2017 B. Sc.
Specifying and Verifying Real-World Java Code with KeY - Case Study java.math.BigInteger 2017 B. Sc.
Semantic Slicing 2016 PdF
Dynamic Analysis for Automatic Relational Verification 2016 B.Sc.
Dual Pivot Quicksort: Specification and Verification using KeY 2016 B.Sc.
Theory of Refinement of Cyber-Physical Systems into Implementations 2015 B.Sc.
Regression Verification for Programmable Logic Controller Software 2015 M.Sc.
Generating Bounded Counterexamples for KeY Proof Obligations 2014 M.Sc.
Automating Regression Verification 2014 PdF
Proving Well-Definedness of JML Specifications with KeY 2013 StA
Design and Implementation of a Verification Framework for Java Bytecode using Unstructured Dynamic Logic 2012 DA
Introducing the Boogie methodology to USDL 2011 StA
Verifying Alloy Models Using KeY 2011 DA
Funktionsabschlüsse in Dynamischer Logik 2010 StA
Formal Semantics for the Java Modeling Language 2009 DA
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M/B.Sc.=Master/Bachelor, PdF=Praxis der Forschung, StA=Studienarbeit, DA=Diplomarbeit



Title Type
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Übung zur Vorlesung
Übung zur Vorlesung
Übung zur Vorlesung
Übung zur Vorlesung
Übung zur Vorlesung
Übung zur Vorlesung
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