Application-oriented Formal Verification Research Group
at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics (ITI)

The research group on Application-oriented Formal Verification led by Prof. Bernhard Beckert exists since 2009 at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics and the KIT Department of Informatics.

Our main research topic is the practical application of logic and formal methods for the specification and verification of software. In particular, we address the following application areas:

  • verification of functional properties and software dependability
  • verification of relational properties and software evolution
  • verification of information-flow properties and IT security
  • verification of social choice algorithms and voting rules


New PhD Mihai Herda on 2019-12-13

Mihai Herda very successfully defended his PhD on 2019-12-13. His dissertation is on "Combining Static and Dynamic Program Analysis Techniques for Checking Relational Properties".

Cordial congratulations from all his colleagues!