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Application-oriented Formal Verification

The research group on Application-oriented Formal Verification led by Prof. Bernhard Beckert exists since 2009 at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics and the KIT Department of Informatics.

Our main research topic is the practical application of logic and formal methods for the specification and verification of software. In particular, we address the following application areas:

  • verification of functional properties and software dependability
  • verification of relational properties and software evolution
  • verification of information-flow properties and IT security
  • verification of social choice algorithms and voting rules


Students Develop Open Source Teaching Software

In a new teaching laboratory, tools and programs are being developed for computer science teaching - developers orient themselves directly towards the needs of pupils and teachers.

In order to master the challenges of digitization as adults, pupils need a broad basic education in computer science. However, teachers often lack the right tools to teach subjects such as software development or IT security. In the new open-source teaching software laboratory at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), students will gain practical experience in the development of open-source software and at the same time develop materials for teaching computer science.

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