Formal Information-Flow Analysis of Component-Based Systems

The Project

A central Question in IT Security is to ensure accessability to sensible data to authorized people only. Also, the use of component-based systems allows a modular design of software and increases reuability of parts of systems.

Our goal is to perform security analysis of component-based systems during system design. We concentrate on confidentiality of information and aim for a correct analysis method.

We choose, in coorperation with our project partner a real world example and provide a component model for this system. According to the implementation of the system, we refine the system into different part and provide a specification reflecting the actual behaviour of the parts. Finally, we analyse the model for security properties using information-flow analyis methods.

The project is lead by Prof. Bernhard Beckert and managed by Simon Greiner. It is part of the BMBF funded Software Campus Project. We cooperate with our partners from DHL IT-Services

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Software Campus Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Deutsche Post DHL